Eating at Café Soleil

For a snack, a full meal or a gourmet meal, Café Soleil is the place to be.

Our self-service restaurant 11.30am - 3.30pm

Short on time? Try to come from 2.00 – 3.30pm.

We offer authentic homemade food laid out buffet-style for starters and dessert.

Hot dishes: Lasagna, tartiflette (typical Haute-Savoie potato, bacon and cheese dish) and a delicious dish of the day.

Grilled dishes: Homemade burgers, rib steaks, duck fillets and the traditional sausage and chips of course!

'Le Corner' 10am - 4pm


Prepared right in front of you using fresh ingredients.


Traditional sweet or savoury French pancake recipes.


They’re hot, they’re crispy and they’re well garnished!

'Le Carré' with table service
12 - 2.30pm

Savour the quality and originality of Café Soleil cuisine. Enjoy table service in a cosy and relaxing environment.

Limited seating.

Advance booking: +33 (0)49 224 1739 / +33 (0)62 206 7323